Complete Stats: 2-16-2011

Elephants Seen: 24 = 1 (but in a cage) + 16 (in elephant villages) + 1 (carrying tourists in downtown Phnom Penh) + 6 (carrying tourists in Angkor Wat)

Total Days Traveled: 126
Days Biked: 65

Flat Tires: 16
Broken Spokes: 0
Other Repairs: broken chain link, broken front rack
Brake Pads Replaced: 4

Total Distance Traveled: 3705 miles
Distance Cycled: 2348 miles
Distance Bused: 850 miles
Distance Boated: 387 miles
Distance Trained: 130 miles

Average Spent Per Day: $25.32 each (our budget is $25…)

Bowls of Noodles (between us): 117
Most Expensive Meal: 540,000 VND / $27 (Vietnam, Mui Ne, La Paillotte)
Cheapest Beer (Restaurant or Bar): 8000 VND / $0.41  (Vietnam, Qui Nhon, restaurant on the ocean)

Beds Stayed In: 71 = 17 (China) + 17 (Laos) + 25 (Vietnam) + 12 (Cambodia)
Most expensive bed we paid for: 9,360,000 Dong / $48 (Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh, Blue Diamond Hotel)
Cheapest bed: 25 RMB / $3.75 (China, 213 Roadside, Guest House)

Items Discarded, Lost, or Stolen: suitcase, water bottle carrier, sunglasses, glasses case, 2 sleeping bags, tent, water filter, gorillapod, sweater, extra saddle, extra pedals, 2 front panniers, one Kindle, one pair of cycling gloves, pump, 3 socks, bike lock, pump, baseball hat

Items added: 2 baseball hats, several books, one new Kindle!, bike lock, pump

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  1. I am a huge fan of the fact that you are keeping track of these stats. Thank you for putting so much time into this blog, I promise we all appreciate it!

  2. Sounds like you’ve made some serious decisions about not camping along the way the bikes must be a lot lighter now. Enjoying looking st your pictures and reading the blog in ‘spoons at Shipley. The snow is going here but its still cold. Paul reminds me that we had a record day of coldness on Thursday last here in Yorkshire -19C at Topcliffe in N Yorks brr x

  3. How did a new Kindle appear ? Thats good news X

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