Nha Trang to Saigon

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Cities: Nha Trang to Phan Rang
Distance: 66.7 miles
Total Ascent: 800 feet
Avg Speed: 11 MPH

There might be a faster way to do this if you stick to the coast out of Nha Trang instead of heading back to Highway One directly. Alison wasn’t feeling well though so we didn’t want to risk any coastal climbs. Long day but only took us 6 hours of actual cycling. Places to stay (or get supplies) is scarce for the 30 km or so before arriving at Phan Rang.

Cities: Phan Rang to Cho Lau
Distance: 52.5 mph
Total Ascent: 1150 feet
Avg Speed: 10.8 MPH

Faily straightforward day on Highway One.

Cities: Cho Lao to Mui Ne
Distance: 38.6 miles
Total Ascent: 1141 feet
Avg Speed: 9.5 MPH

Turned off onto the 715 (714? 713?) about 12 miles south of Cho Lao to get to Mui Ne. It was labelled differently on our maps so it was a touch confusing. Small road with light ascents and a nice descent. Traffic was non-existent but so are shops and restaurants.

Cities: Mui Ne to Ho Chi Minh
Distance: 13.5 miles cycling + 117 miles on a train

Short cycle to get to Phan Thiet where the train station lies. The trains are easy to use and comfortable. Good way to get to Ho Chi Minh though we heard there are also some very nice coastal roads between Mui Ne and Ho Chi Minh that might be worth checking out.

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