Kunming to Yuanjiang

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Cities: Kunming to Kunyang
Distance: 46.1 miles
Total Ascent: 828 feet
Avg Speed: 8.6 MPH

Spent most of the day looking for the 213. Much of this route would not be recommended. At some point we found what was labeled as the S102 which becomes (or always is?) the old G213. Where it looks like we changed our mind, it’s only a brief intentional detour to find lunch.

Cities: Kunyang to Yuxi
Distance: 25.1 miles
Total Ascent: 521 feet
Avg Speed: 9.3 MPH

Continued along the S102. Most of this route was downhill, very easy day.

Cities: Yuxi to Huanian
Distance: 23.8 miles
Total Ascent: 1500 feet
Avg Speed: 7.6 MPH

As of October 2010, the road construction is absolutely horrible for the first 10 miles of this section. Doesn’t look like they’ll be done for a while, but who knows. After Eshan, it joins up with the G85 (major expressway labeled as the 213 on many maps) and parallels it. The road at this point is labeled both as the S102 and as the G213. After Eshan road is very pleasant and smooth, with decent climbs followed by a huge descent into Huanian.

Cities: Huanian to Yuanjiang
Distance: 53 miles
Total Ascent: 3000 feet
Avg Speed: 7 MPH

Stayed on the 213 for this section as well. It is also labeled as the 323 at this point. Pretty road with an intense 2400 foot elevation gain about halfway through. Unless you’re fitter than us (which wouldn’t be hard), this was a really tough day that might want to be cut shorter.

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