Vientiane to Ha Tinh

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Cities: Vientiane to Pak Kading (by bus)
Distance: 119 miles
Total Ascent: 1500 feet

Mostly an extremely flat and boring road. We took the bus because we were low on time with our visas and the road looked dull. Should be an easy two day ride though.

Cities: Pak Kading to Na Hin
Distance: 55.6 miles
Total Ascent: 1775 feet
Avg Speed: 8.8 MPH

It’s 50 km to where the 13 and the 8 cross and mostly flat. The 8 has more hills and a very steep 6 km climb about 13 km before Na Hin. Great roads, light traffic, good views all around though.

Cities: Na Hin to Lak Sao
Distance: 35 miles
Total Ascent: 2500 feet
Avg Speed: 7.5 MPH

8 km climb as soon as you leave Na Hin. After that it’s mostly gentle hills with two extended flat sections in valleys. Again, nice road with light traffic and great views.

Cities: Lak Sao to Tay Som (Vietnam)
Distance: 42.6 miles
Total Ascent: 2000 feet
Avg Speed: 7.5 MPH

Light hills until a brief ascent to the border. Intense winds made this harder than it should’ve been. Border crossing is dead… the guards are sleeping and there are few people crossing. Once through, 17 km descent followed by slight hills leading eventually to about sea level. Road and weather got worse for us once we hit Vietnam. Rather cold at the top of the mountain and no sun due to clouds and smog.

Cities: Tay Som to Ha Tinh(Vietnam)
Distance: 53.6 miles
Total Ascent: 346 feet
Avg Speed: 9.7 MPH

Pollution, traffic, and old road make for an unpleasant ride. CONSTANT toots on the horns. Flat and easy though. At the 1, we headed south for Ha Tinh but you could head north to Vinh on your way to Hanoi.

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