More photos from California taken by Alison can be found at:
Photos taken by Matthew in various places around the world can be found at:

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  1. more photos! slackers =P

    hope you both are well.

  2. Oh Alison you have a yellow collapsible bucket takes me back to camping days I hope you don’t have too many roads like a building site to cycle on. Love the pictures. xxx

  3. Having a great time viewing your pictures also the letters are amazing. Grandma is busy making up a journal on yor travels and i am looking to find a buyer for it so keep up the good work
    it is fantastic

  4. Awesome pics and blog – following your every post…

    Keep it up – Jia you!

  5. Hi there this is linda and David from UK ( Aunty and uncle )Your grandad has sent us this link so it will be great to see all your adventures.Enjoy yourselves x

  6. Loved the photos the dawn one particularly.

  7. Your lovely photos have brightened up my rather dull day here in Foggy Flockton. Glad you are having a good time!

  8. makes car washing look very mundane! A damp grey day in Yorkshire made much brighter by the photos and the obvious happiness of life with the elephants!

  9. I wonder has Pauline seen these pictures she will be soooo envious. What a wonderful experience I hope Matt had a Happy Birthday. x

  10. Your pictures and your blog are amazing! We also wanted to wish Matthew a Happy Birthday” but I wasn’t sure if we should write that on your blog or not. Safe travels to you both.

  11. You looks quite different = =; I can’t even notice that’s you if I’m not seeing the picture in your blog.

  12. Your pictures are fantastic. But I also really like your accompanying captions / descriptions. It seems all to be going really well; keep up the energy. And greetings from a somewhat un-picturesque Coimbatore, Tamila Nadu, India.

  13. Nice pics guys. Looks like you’re having a blast! Especially like the “notion” of safety, which all it is when you put an 18a outlet on a 30a breaker! 🙂 Keep posting!

  14. As ever,a very interesting read thanks! And the photos are wonderful!

  15. fab photos – such an interesting place especially for those of us whose political awakenings were during the ‘Vietnam War’ days!

  16. I am so enjoying the photographs that I am about to run through the whole lot again from beginning to end. We got used to the old names of Vietnamese cities in the war years and heard of them daily in the news bulletins.. Vietnam sounds fascinating and exotic.

  17. Hey Love,
    Not sure which is the best way to contact you. We fly into Singapore on the 10th Jan. Any ideas where exactly you’ll be in Jan/Feb. Would be great if we could meet up somewhere along the way. Love Em xx

  18. Xao Pho is fried noodles right?? If my days of eating in Southend’s one and only Vietnamese restaurant serves me right!! Kinda like a Phad Thai chow mein fusion!!!!

    Happy New Year!

  19. Matthew, you are so busted! The bicycle helmet won’t help much tied on your rear luggage rack!!

  20. Yes Matts mom I noticed that too Iam sure they’ll be wearing them now !!

  21. I think that fruit is Durian not jackfruit. It smell, or rather stinks quite strongly and tastes like old leaks to me, some people love it here they can’t get enough of it. I’m pretty sure that is a Banyan tree too.

  22. I’ve just been looking again at the pictures of Hue and have read everything up to date, enjoying it all. Oh, those long long beaches at Phu Quoc – it looks as if you could walk for miles by the edge of the sea. Keep well and enjoying everything.

  23. Still enjoying your great reading and pictures The boat you were on going to Ha Tien looked like a submarine You both look realy well Have you gained or lost any wieght since you left China or are you thriving on all that exercise.
    Grandma says she misses you and thinks it must soon be time for you to be coming home

  24. I will be really sorry when this trip is over as we get to read and see all the interesting things you have seen and done without any of the pain! It has been a fantastic journey to follow. the narrative and photographs are wonderful. Your parents must be so proud to have produced such resilient, intrepid, thoughtful and talented travellers. You certainly put Michael Palin in the shade! Well done Matt and Alison! (I saw Lynette yesterday and know she is really proud!)

  25. How I have enjoyed your photographs, reports and observations throughout your long odyssey and feel a bit sad that there won’t be many more, but well done both of you. May the rest of your journey home be healthy, trouble-free and happy.

  26. maybe the Andes for your next trip – I have always wanted to go there and you two could take all the hard work out of it! Many thanks but a NO to the T-shirt offer!

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